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 List of Nobodies

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PostSubject: List of Nobodies   Sat Oct 06, 2007 7:22 am

Here is a list of Nobodies that can be encountered:

Dusk- The basic and most common Nobody. They are the easiest to defeat.
Creeper- The weakest of the Nobodies. They can change form to attack. (Sorry, couldn't find a pic for this one. If anybody does PM me Razz )
Dragoon- A dragon-like Nobody that attacks with a lance and dive bombs.
Assassin- A stealthy Nobody that hides out under the ground. (couldnt find a pic of this one either, help me out people Very Happy )
Samurai- An agressive Nobody that can wield four weapons at once, two swords and their sheathes. Be careful when confronting these enemies.
Sniper- A stealthy Nobody that shoots from afar. (No pic for this one either...I guess they're not as important as Heartless lol)
Dancer- An elegant Nobody that prances around the battlefield. It attacks with kicks and acrobatic flips.
Beserker- A lumbering Nobody that carries around a giant hammer. The hammer actually controls the body. (again, no pic, sorry Razz )
Gambler- A Nobody that likes to play games of chance. Winning can be benefial, losing...well just dont lose (you guessed it, no pic Razz )
Sorcerer- An elusive Nobody that attacks with enchanted cubes. Be careful when attacking it. (nope, no pic. find one, PM me lol)
Twilight Thorn- a gigantic Nobody that only appeared in Roxas' dream. It has similar attacks to the Darkside Heartless, but is much stronger.

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PostSubject: Re: List of Nobodies   Sat Oct 06, 2007 8:06 am

Good job!

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List of Nobodies
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