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 Final Fantasy Sinspawn and Fiends

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PostSubject: Final Fantasy Sinspawn and Fiends   Sat Oct 06, 2007 10:45 am

Here is a list of enemies from the Final Fantasy series:

Adamantoise- A large turtle made of a strong substance.

Ahriman- A flying cycloptic beast.

Bomb- A fiery beast that explodes soon after being attacked.

Cactuar- a cactus-like monster will run away if not quickly defeated.

Chimera- A dark beast that is a mix of various creatures.

Cockatrice- A deadly beast that can turn its enemies to stone with a single glance.

Couerl- A tiger-like monster that attacks with Thunder and quick claw strikes.

Flan- A gelatinous monster that takes on different elements.

Imp- A flying monster that attacks with Thunder.

Lich- one of the Four Fiends. It has the power to control the dead.

Marilith- one of the Four Fiends.

Kraken- one of the Four Fiends. It is an aquatic beast that stalks the seas. (no pic)
Tiamat- the last of the Four Fiends. She is the queen of dragons.

Garuda- A flying beast that attacks from above.

Iron Giant- A large mechanical beast that wields a large sword.

Marlboro- A large tentacled beast with rancid breath.

Ochu- A large plant monster that attacks with vines and poison.

Tonberry- A small monster that carries a torch and knife. Be careful, because if it gets too close....
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Final Fantasy Sinspawn and Fiends
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