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 Soul Collector

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Daimos Des Necross
Daimos Des Necross

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PostSubject: Soul Collector   Soul Collector Icon_minitimeThu Oct 18, 2007 8:25 am

Name: Soul Collector

Magic: 5 MP per post

Requirements: Must be wielding Glow of Ouronos

Drawbacks: Daimos' dark spirit collides with the light power of the transformation, loses 2HP per post

Advantages: Negates light attacks and absorbs them, recovering 1HP per post, deals double damage to dark enemies

Description: Daimos is consumed by the light power of the Glow of Ouronos and assumes this form, emitting a pure aura

History: When Daimos acquired the Glow of Ouronos, he felt a strange presence within the blade. When he attempted to use the blade, he took on this form, allowing him to deal double the amount of damage to those alligned with darkness. But since he himself is born of darkness, he takes damage as well.
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Soul Collector
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