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 Fallen Angel

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Daimos Des Necross
Daimos Des Necross

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PostSubject: Fallen Angel   Fallen Angel Icon_minitimeThu Oct 18, 2007 8:25 am

Name: Fallen Angel

Magic: 10 MP per post

Requirements: Must be wielding either Bane of Thanatos or Glow of Ouronos

Drawbacks: The effects of the power clash are stronger, making him lose 5 HP every post

Advantages: He is able to control the power of both weapons, but only when in this form. Attack power doubles during this form. (total of 2 dice rolls times 2)

Description: His eyes glow bright red, dark feathered wings sprout from his back, he wields the Bane of Thanatos and Glow of Ouronos at the same time and wears pitch black armor

History: Daimos was practicing using his dark powers, when he suddenly became overwhelmed by them. He assumed this form, both demonic and seraphic. Though the power of this form was strong, Daimos soon learned that there was a cost to the power...his life force. As long as the form is active, Daimos slowly loses a bit of his life.
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Fallen Angel
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