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 Des Necross Assassin

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Daimos Des Necross
Daimos Des Necross

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PostSubject: Des Necross Assassin   Des Necross Assassin Icon_minitimeThu Oct 18, 2007 8:27 am

Name: Des Necross Assassin

Magic: 20 MP per post (increases as overall MP increases)

Requirements: HP must be lower than 20

Drawbacks: Cannot use summons or skills/spells

Advantages: HP increases by 5 each post, no longer affected by clash between the opposing elements of his swords, wields the Bane of Thanatos and Glow of Ouronos in their keyblade form. Speed increases drastically, allowing him to attack up to 3 times in a row

Description: Daimos becomes clad in ninja garbs (like Hotsuma from Shinobi) that are black and white, His eyes alternate between glowing black and glowing white.

History: Daimos was training to control the power of both of his weapons at once, when he was suddenly overwhelmed by an army of Heartless and Nobodies. He was nearly defeated, when he suddenly felt a strong rush of power. The army slowly backed away as he assumed this powerful form. Within seconds, Daimos defeated every enemy around him. Then, just as suddenly as the form had surfaced, it faded.
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Des Necross Assassin
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