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 Zodiacs: Elemental, Blessed, Necross

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Daimos Des Necross

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PostSubject: Zodiacs: Elemental, Blessed, Necross   Thu Oct 18, 2007 10:43 am

These are a list of my own personal summons, ones that I made up myself. If you want to use them, you have to ASK ME DIRECTLY. I will then decide if you can use them. These also only last for one post, activating their special attack, called a Spirit Edge, then disappear. You must also possess the appropriate Summon Crystal to use these, and only I can give it to you:

Gigan: An earth elemental that attacks by manipulating the earth around him. He becomes Sacred or Necross when fused with light or dark magic. Summon Crystal: Sand's Eye, Spirit Edge: Earth Crush

Drakan: A fiery dragon warrior elemental that attacks with a sword of fire and by manipulating the heat around him. Summon Crystal: Inferno Jewel, Spirit Edge: Infernum

Atlantia: One of the nereid daughters of Poseidon. She controls the seas with almost as much mastery as Poseidon himself. Summon Crytal: Sea Jewel, Spirit Edge: Tidal Rush

Thor: The thunderous elemental with control over lightning. Summon Crystal: Battle Ruby, Spirit Edge: Storm Strike

Minerva: The Greek goddess of Love. She can both heal and do damage to your enemies. Summon Crystal: Heart Stone, Spirit Edge: Heavenly Shine

Dementia: A kinetic elemental with extraordinary psychic abilities. Her kinetic abilities are not to be taken lightly. Summon Crystal: Kinetic Gem. Spirit Edge: Psychosis

Maelstrom: A gusty elemental with a short temper. He whips up strong gusts of wind when angered. Summon Crystal: Wind Jewel, Spirit Edge: Wind's Fury

Fallen Angel: A dark elemental that wields a bow and arrows as well as twin swords. Summon Crystal: Dark Jewel, Spirit Edge: Reaping Strike

Galaxia: An elemental from space. It uses the power of gravity to attack enemies. Summon Crystal: Star Emerald, Spirit Edge: Gravity Slam

Behemoth: A beastly cyclops that attacks with a large club. Summon Crystal: Power Ruby, Spirit Edge: Enrage

Arctic Titan- a frigid ice elemental that attacks with ice and cold attacks. Summon Crystal: Glacial Shard, Spirit Edge: Infinite Winter

Obelisk: A war machine designed for mass assaults on enemies. Summon Crystal: Gear Diamond, Spirit Edge: Full Assault

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PostSubject: Re: Zodiacs: Elemental, Blessed, Necross   Thu Oct 18, 2007 10:48 am

I wanna use Atlantia

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Zodiacs: Elemental, Blessed, Necross
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