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 God Zodiacs

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Daimos Des Necross
Daimos Des Necross

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PostSubject: God Zodiacs   Thu Oct 18, 2007 12:05 pm

These are the second level of the summons I made up. These also you have to ask me directly to use. You need the corresponding Summon Crystal and they too only use their Spirit Edge then leave:

Pangaea: The God Zodiac of Earth, he can deal massive earth damage when enraged. Summon Crystal: Gaia Shard, Spirit Edge: Core Destruction

Solaris: The dragonic God Zodiac of Fire. It is said that he was born from the flames of the Sun. Summon Crystal: Sunfire Sigil, Spirit Edge: Supernova Suncore

Poseidon: The God Zodiac of the Sea. His fury is well known and recorded in history. Summon Crystal: Tsunami Crest, Spirit Edge: Poseidon's Fury

Zeus: The God Zodiac of Thunder. He strikes down his enemies with powerful bursts of lightning. Summon Crystal: War Medal, Spirit Edge: Wrath of Heaven

Delirium: The God Zodiac of Kinesis. He has unmatched psychic abilities, and is quite frightening when in a frenzy. Summon Crystal: Havoc Pendant, Spirit Edge: Insanity

Venus: The Goddess Zodiac of Love. Her compassion is only matched by her fierceness in battle. Summon Crystal: Love Crest, Spirit Edge: Goddess' Kiss

Andromeda: The Goddess Zodiac of Space. She takes on the appearance of a kunoichi, or females ninja. Summon Crystal: Galaxy Emerald, Spirit Edge: Star Stream Shower

Zeal: The fierce God Zodiac of Wind. He attacks with tornadoes and gusts of wind. Summon Crystal: Typhoon Orb, Spirit Edge: Storm of Destruction

Megalith: The God Zodiac of Strength. He wields two large clubs and angers easily. Summon Crystal: Verve Diamond, Spirit Edge: Beserker

Leviathan: the mechanical God Zodiac of Machinery. It is well equipped to handle any situation. Summon Crystal: Techno Gem, Spirit Edge: Total Annihilation

Thanatos: The God Zodiac of Death. He seems to have some deeper connection with Daimos Des Necross. Summon Crystal: Rune Jewel, Spirit Edge: Damnation

Polaris: The dragonic God Zodiac of the Arctics. He is believed to be born from the coldest region in the world. Summon Crystal: Arctic Jewel, Spirit Edge: Absolute Zero
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God Zodiacs
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