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PostSubject: CHARACTER RULES, REGULATIONS, AND TEMPLATE!   Fri Sep 28, 2007 9:57 am

Ok, now that the site is starting to come together. We're going to set up a few rules (Don't worry, we won't bombard you with them, just a few simple rules to make everything run smoother.)

1) No God-mod characters. In other words, you can't have a character that's immune to everything and has infinite health and mana. If you do, either the mods or one of the admins will give you a warning and a certain length of time to change it (probably a day). If you do not change it within that time your character will be deleted.
2) Please use the template, it makes everything easier on us and you'll get your stuff approved alot more often.
3) Everyone starts with 50 HP and 30 MP, it can be increased as you post more items. If you are found not following the guidelines, you will be warned and after that possibly banned.
4) Everyone starts Portal Mastery at 0. You can learn to use Minor Portals (50PM) from me or Daimos, then go on to learn Master Portals(100PM). Portal training must be at least 100 posts of training for Minor and 200 for Major.
Here's the template for character creation, fill it out and post it:





Home World:


Picture: (you don't need one but might help)


less than 25 posts: 50 Health
more than 50 posts: 60 Health
more than 125 posts: 70 Health
more than 150 posts: 80 Health
more than 200 posts: 90 Health
more than 250 posts: 100 Health
more than 300 posts: 120 Health
more than 350 posts: 140 Health
more than 400 posts: 200 Health
more than 450 posts: 210 Health
more than 475 posts: 230 Health
more than 500 posts: 250 Health
more than 525 posts: 270 Health
more than 600 posts: 300 Health
more than 625 posts: 350 Health
more than 700 posts: 450 Health
1000 or more posts: 500 Health

less than 25 posts: 30 Mana
more than 50 posts: 40 Mana
more than 125 posts: 50 Mana
more than 150 posts: 60 Mana
more than 200 posts: 70 Mana
more than 250 posts: 80 Mana
more than 300 posts: 90 Mana
more than 350 posts: 100 Mana
more than 400 posts: 120 Mana
more than 450 posts: 140 Mana
more than 475 posts: 200 Mana
more than 500 posts: 210 Mana
more than 525 posts: 230 Mana
more than 600 posts: 250 Mana
more than 625 posts: 270 Mana
more than 700 posts: 350 Mana
1000 or more posts: 400 Mana
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