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 Demon Realm

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Daimos Des Necross
Daimos Des Necross

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PostSubject: Demon Realm   Thu Nov 01, 2007 10:53 am

Name of world: Demon Realm

What it is like: The Demon Realm is a barren wasteland, home to all manner of demons, lichs, and unholy creatures. There is a constant storm in the skies...but no rain ever falls in this gloomy place. An air of death and desolation constantly hangs in the air. Packs of savage demons roam the air and land. Even the waters of this land are tainted with evil and hold all manner of deadly sea creatures. Travelers need be wary when traversing this desolate wasteland, as it is unknown when you will be attacked by a group of demons. One of the most known places in the Demon Realm is the Prison of Lost Souls. Here, the prisoners are locked away for all eternity, under the constant watch of the ArchWarden, the ruthless ruler of the prison. He also has several deadly minions under his command, including a ruthless executioner and a deadly cloaked man who shows no sympathy towards anyone. There are, however, many hidden dungeons that hold valuable treasures for those brave enough to enter...

History, or how does this get unlocked: Only Daimos Des Necross knows how to get to this dark landscape.
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Demon Realm
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