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 Zodiac's Plateau

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PostSubject: Zodiac's Plateau   Thu Nov 01, 2007 11:03 am

Name of world: Zodiac's Plateau

What it is like: An ethereal world where all Zodiacs roam freely. Here the rules of summoning do not apply, Zodiacs from all over the universe reside here, awaiting the call of their prespective Summoners. There is a part of the Plateau designated to each Zodiac: A fiery valley that is home to all of the Solaris and Drakans, an icy wasteland home to all of the Polaris and Arctic Titans, A storm cloud surrounded mountain-top home to all Zeus and Thors, a futuristic city home to all Leviathan and Obelisk, a vast ocean home to all Poseidon and Atlantias, a dark abyss home to all Thanatos and Fallen Angels, an expansive quarry home to all Pangaea and Gigans, a network of caves and tunnels home to all Megaliths and Behemoths, a windy plain home to all Zeals and Maelstroms, an ancient city home to all Venus and Minerva, a celestial battlefield home to all Andromeda and Galaxia, and A derelict asylum home to all Delirium and Dementias. An enigmatic temple is located in the center, which is home to all Sovereign Zodiacs and the Supreme Summoner, Canan.

History, or how does this get unlocked: You must be able to summon a Zodiac or be in the presence of someone who can summon one in order to enter this world
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Zodiac's Plateau
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