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 Two Across

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PostSubject: Two Across   Sat Jan 26, 2008 9:30 pm

Name: Two Across

Type: Keyblade

Enchantment: non yet

Advantages: increases dark and light powers to high levels. Fast swing speed and impressive strength. after the third swing of this keyblade enegry orbs are spun around Relix and deflets and attack anything near him

Close/Long Range: close range

History: This keyblade was formed by the light and darkness in his heart he obtained it in an unknown Twilit world, where the sky was at dawn and at dusk. Relix explored this world into its very depths. In this world there was a great shrine guarded by creatures of Twilight. Relix approched the monsters but was attacked, Relix refused to fight but also refused to die. Seeing that Relix was a twilight denizen the creatures let him through. The interior of the shrine was quite odd there was no lights but you could walk through and as you got deeper there was a blinding light but Relix was able to see through it. The creatures at the gate appeared before Relix saying that it was a test to see he could go through the deepest darkness and see through the brightest light, he had passed. The final test was at the end of the shrine. The was a fountain with two fish in it, one black and one white. There was a large formation at the center of the room where there stood in two stones six keyblades, 3 for each stone. Ine one stone there was kingdom key on the left, the dark kingdom key on the right, and in the center Way To Dawn. In the other stone on the left oblivion, on the right oathkeeper, and in the center Two Across. Relix say Two Across and felt it was calling to him. Relix took it in hand and ran to get out of the world, because right after he drew the keyblade the others broke and there was a big earthquake. Relix escaped unharmed and reciecved this keyblade.

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Two Across
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