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 The World in Between

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PostSubject: The World in Between   Sat Jan 26, 2008 9:49 pm

Name of world: The World in Between

What it is like: The sky is is like the sun is shining over the clouds but underneath the clouds is total darkness. The grassy plains are stretched as far as the eye can see. Mountains hover over this world so vastly. In some of the montains there are secret treasures essential to certain people. For example there can be hidden wands, hidden keyblades, elixers, potions, weapons, armor, and even summons. The hight point where someone can go is a the top of Twilit Point, which is a huge mountain that rises higher than the clouds so you may see the sunny Twilit sky. there are also rivers that run for miles intill the fall into an eternal abyss of nothingness.

History: This world is the most secretive of all the Twilight Realms. Once you enter this world your attack power rises if you are light and are in a light section but it will decrease in dark sections and for those in darkness visa versa. In the mountains are treasures put there by the strong wills of both the light and dark creatures. There are also twilit gaurds at each treasure specializing in diffferent forms of combat. It is rumored that you can find a part of you have never seen before, literaly. The darkness in your heart can manufest itself into flesh and fight you for who will have control over the body and mind. To enter this world is easy simply enter through a door in the old mansion but there has to be at least 2 denizens of light and 2 denizens of darkness, or 1 denizen of Twilight. Leaving is not easy at the least. Before you can leave this world you must choose which road you walk on the light or the drakness, but ther is another answer but you can guess what that is.
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The World in Between
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