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 World Leaders!

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PostSubject: World Leaders!   Sat Sep 29, 2007 5:30 am

Now I will give my results for todays World Master Applications...


I really liked your Application. Though the reason wasn't very...good...So that took some points off your final grade. I liked the people you chose to side with. The people you wouldn't side with is the way a moderater SHOULD talk I like that. Your Reson, wasn't quite finished. You put Peace because unless someone attacks us, and you need to put why you would have war or some more points off. and you had no reccomendations, so no Extra Points. Your final score was....

For More Info on my Grading Points, look at my post on them in the World Master Section...

When I first saw your application It looked pretty good. What I noticed was that you really like this world, but that doesn't really answer why you should get the world. The people you would, and wouldn't work with are really nice I liked them. The question Peace or War was answered nicely by you. Lastly you seemed to have misunderstood the last question. When I say reccomendation, I mean has anybody told you, you should be the Master of a World. Overall your application was pretty good. Your Grade is...


When I saw your application I liked it, but it wasn't perfect it could be better. The reason wasn't the best in the world but it was to the point. the people you would and wouldn't work with were ok and to the point as well. and I liked your war is only a last resort theory. Overal your application was good but could be better. Your grade is...


(for the rest of the Master Applications I will not do grading, I will base it off of my opinions)

Here are my conclusions:

The World That Never Was - Roxas
Radiant Garden - Axel
World of Nothingness - Sora
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World Leaders!
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